Each designer transformed a space on Bleecker into their first ever retail space. The designers were each paired with an artist who created a site-specific installation unique to each store.




slightly alabama MISSION:

Slightly Alabama was built on the principle of creating community and looking to the past to build for the future. Our workshops and apprenticeship programs represent our passion for heritage and legacy. The Bleecker Street Redevelopment Project rises from the idea that our cultural history should be celebrated. We must allow the best parts of our past to influence the continual development of communities where art, music, dance, literature, fashion, and small business thrive and inform our future. It is our goal not merely to be a part of a meaningful project like the Bleecker Street Collective, but to help create meaning for the project through our commitment to design and building community.

Chelsea Hrynick Browne 4.jpg
As an emerging, independent American brand that was founded right here, it’s an honor to see the next phase in our story be inextricably linked with the next phase of Bleecker Street.
— Dana Glaeser, Founder, Slightly Alabama



Prabal Gurung MISSION:

To have a hand in reimagining Bleecker Street and help breathe life back into an iconic street by collaborating with like-minded brands and concepts that love and appreciate everything this historic street stands for. Bringing colour and optimism back to what could once again become something this city is extremely proud of. This collective is an effort to bring our creative visions together in an impactful way and support the local tenants and residents. This residency is a notion of the hopefulness we have for the future of retail while celebrating Bleecker for all that has been and all that’s to come.

Prabal Gurung 2.jpg
It’s about collaborating with like-minded brands and concepts that love and appreciate everything this historic street has stood for.
— Prabal Gurung, Founder & Designer




Lingua Franca’s mission is not only to start meaningful conversations, but to work towards creating positive and impactful change in the world. Love, Bleecker is about bringing back a community of people who care in the West Village. There is a magic to Bleecker Street — it is such a soulful street, and Love, Bleecker has and will continue to bring that magic back, of which Lingua Franca is happy to be a part of.




Bonberi MISSION:

Bonberi on Bleecker, a good and wellness concept store, is an extension of Bonberi.com (a curated guide to food and well-being) and will provide an offline outpost for our 30k+ readers and followers to experience our recipes and network of wellness influencers through takeaway dishes, juices and in-person activations ranging from panels to Q&As and educational events. Bonberi on Bleecker will seek to revive the storied street’s bohemian roots acting as a post-millennial boutique-cum-salon where influencers from all walks of life can convene on Bleecker Street to discuss wellness, sample plant-based recipes and juices and shop their favorite goods ranging food to nontoxic beauty to clean living. In an age where the wellness generation has become the new beatnik generation driving the masses to look deeper within, Bonberi on Bleecker hopes to be the home base where shoppers can visit, linger and discover.

Signe Pierce1c.jpg
Signe Pierce6.jpg
Bleecker street has never budged from its place in my mind as the bohemian utopia it once was.
— Robin Rose, Founder, Fleurotica