Love, Bleecker is an urban residency program designed to harken the creative romance of the West Village’s past, while resuming its identity as the vibrant epicenter of New York City rooted in its colorful community and heritage.


Brookfield Properties commissioned Skylight to reimagined the historic West Village corridor with a dynamic mix of tenants and programming that transformed Bleecker Street into an urban space that nurtures the intersection of art and commerce to resume Bleecker Street’s vibrant identity.

The collective-style ecosystem was carefully curated with innovators across lifestyle sectors and up-and-coming artists to create a cohesive visual narrative and pique interest along the corridor through window installations and creative use of exteriors. 



 “Yes, Bleecker Street — specifically the quaint, five-block stretch in the West Village that until very recently was so pockmarked with empty storefronts that it was described in The New York Times as looking like “a Rust Belt city” — is alive and kicking, once again […] With the help of the creative strategy firm Skylight, Brookfield brought in Lingua Franca, Bonberi, Slightly Alabama (an online leather accessories label) and Prabal Gurung (the lone traditional fashion house) and worked out short-term lease agreements as well as revenue shares”

— N e w Y o r k T i m e s

“Love, Bleecker, a program to revitalize the West Village’s picturesque Bleecker Street […] with new retailers, art projects and activations aimed at restoring the thoroughfare’s long-term health, winning over the community and eventually, attracting tourists. […] Conceived by Brookfield Property Group, which last spring acquired seven retail spaces at depressed prices, the real estate company hired creative strategy and development firm Skylight to position Bleecker Street as a place to find art, commerce and culture.”

— W W D

“Of course, it wasn’t that no one wanted to shop there. Much of it came down to astronomical rents. When the price per square foot finally dropped earlier in 2018, Brookfield acquired the empty shops and Skylight announced a new revival project called Love, Bleecker, a curated mix of stores across fashion, food, and design, focusing mainly on brands that have never had a physical shop.”

— v o g u e

“Brookfield engaged Skylight to help foster the revitalization of Bleecker Street because of Skylight’s unparalleled creativity, expertise and passion for reimagining and activating spaces in innovative and dynamic ways.”

— M I C H A E L   G O L D B A N

Retail Vice President, Brookfield Properties